Food Safety Resolutions

Make a New Year’s Resolution to make your home food safe.

1)      Label the leftovers that you store in your refrigerator. They should only be kept 3-4 days before they are discarded.

2)      Freeze leftovers. If you have more than you can use in a couple of days, freeze part of it right away to use later. Choose good quality containers to help to make them freezer safe.

3)      The freezer in your refrigerator should be used as a ‘checking account’ not a ‘savings account.’ In other words, it should be for short term storage, not long term. Foods should be labeled and have a plan for use within a couple of weeks, possible months. If there’s not enough to feed your family, pack the leftovers in the lunch you take to work.

4)      My personal favorite is to use a thermometer and check the temperature of meat that you are cooking to optimize flavor and avoid over- or under-cooking.

5)      Clean your kitchen counters with a sanitizing solution made of bleach and water – just 1 tablespoon of bleach to 1 gallon of water is sufficient concentration to eliminate 99.99% of food borne pathogens. You can also use this solution to clean all the door knobs in your house. And don’t forget the telephone!

Here’s to your safe and healthy!




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